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The Tanglewood Book of Centuries: 
The EASIEST timeline system around!
~only $2.50 for your whole family~

     This is the fun and useful way to have your child reinforce his learning.  Have him record what he learns in his own Book of Centuries- a timeline in a book- which will become a treasured companion!

     Over the past few years we've tried a few different approaches  to timelines and BOCs in our family.  The following one is what has worked the best for us.

     Take a look at these sample pages for the Medieval era.
     Click on the images to see larger pictures!

 This is how we use our pages:

1.  We prepare a 3-ring binder with tabs separating four eras (ancient, medieval, renaissance, and modern). 

2.  Behind each tab we put a few sheets of regular lined paper for keeping lists on.

3.  After the history (or whatever) lesson, we select a page from the correct era and fill it in over the next few days.

4.  If we want to do a quick page, or if there is not much information about a person or event, we choose the page (the sample on the left) with only one picture box and caption area.

    If we want to do a more in-depth page, we choose the page (the sample on the right) with four boxes.

5.  After we finish the page, we insert it in its proper place in the 3-ring binder

6.  A lot of times we encounter people or events that we feel need to be recorded in the BOC, but we don't have time to make a full-blown BOC page.  In these instances, we record the name, date, etc on the regular lined paper we previously placed behind the appropriate era's tab.  We don't worry about chronological order within the era until the end of the year.  Then, we take a few days to organize each era and put the written-in names in order.

7.  Here are some ideas of what to include on a BOC page:

If the page is about a PERSON:
-picture of person
-list of facts about person
-sentences telling what person is famous for
-map of area person lived in
-pictures of monuments in his/her area
-cultural items and artwork
-sentences about his/her religion
-list of other famous people that lived at the same time
-picture of his/her invention
-sentences about affect of invention
-quotes from person
If the page is about an EVENT:
-scene from event
-chronological listings (like list of Civil War battles in order)
-pictures of major "players" of event with captions
-map of area where event took place
-picts of modern day ruins of event
-causes of the event
-effects of the event
-animals present at event
-machinery, weapons, or architecture present at event

   Our Book of Century pages are available to you as PDF downloads.  Even though they are simple in design, several hours went into the actual process (especially the timeline across the top of each page -uggh!) of getting them to look the way we wanted. 

   We suggest that you save the file onto your computer and print out the pages you want when you need them.  Our favorite paper to use is a 65 lb or 67 lb vellum finish paper (this weight is heavier than average, but will still run through a printer...at least it runs through ours).  We find this paper at a local paper supply store.  A ream of 250 pages costs about $8-$10.   

The Tanglewood Book of Centuries (BOC) Kit contains: 

(2) pages for the ancient era
(2) pages for the medieval era
(2) pages for the renaissance era
(2) pages for the modern era
(1) cover sheet
(1) sheet with spine text for the binder and tab text for the tabs
(1) instruction sheet

~and will be emailed to you in a pdf file

   You may print or photocopy the pages in the kit as much as you need for your own family's use.  Permission is not granted to copy the pages for other children, such as children in a co-op class, a friend's children, etc.   If you do want to use the pages in a class setting, please purchase the permissions to do so below. 

Thank you!  Diana Cunningham    

BOC pdf Kit:  $2.50 

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