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The following are our 'picks' for third grade
You can follow our plan
or modify it for your own child's needs!

    Free online reading schedules are available
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     Don't forget the corebook!  
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    Following in the classical tradition of studying history in chronological order, our third graders cover the Renaissance period of the 1600s-1800s using an Art & Civilization  book and 19th century author H.E. Marshall's   This Country of Ours as the spine books and several supplementary "living" books.   Our teacher's Corebook contains the objectives for the year, outlines for teaching geography, and timetable memory guides.  Your third grader will also have his own Book of the Centuries (a Charlotte Mason concept) to fill in and personalize with what he is learning.   

Books for 3rd grade history:
Spine text #1: 
Art and Civilization: The Renaissance -$16.95
Spine text #2: 
This Country of Ours  by H.E. Marshall
                   *available through Baldwin Project at:
http://tinyurl.com/afwzl in book form
                    and online
Book of the  Centuries: Renaissance -$6.99
The Shakespeare Stealer
Joan of Arc
Ocean of Truth: the Story of Isaac Newton

America's Paul Revere -$9.95
The Boy Who Liked to Draw -$5.95
Louis Braille
Buttons for General Washington
The Reb & the Redcoats
Story of Benjamin Franklin
SHH! We're Writing the Constitution!
How the U.S. Government Works

The United States of America -$5.95
The Fourth of July Story -$5.99

Pocahontas & the Strangers -$4.50

Check out our C-Y-O-C Renaissance page for other
renaissance history resources!!



     Nothing inspires a child or gives fodder for his imagination like good literature. We have compiled a list of several classic read-aloud books appropriate for third graders.  However, you may prefer to choose literature more to your child's taste on the CYOC page!

Books for 3rd grade literature:
The Green (or Blue or Red) Fairy Book
Rudyard Kipling-
Edward Lear-$13.46
Edna St. Vincent Millay

Pied Piper of Hamelin (Robert Browning) -$7.99
Little House in the Big Woods
(Wilder) -$6.99

The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe
The Water Babies
(Kingsley) -$4.99

The Railway Children (Nesbitt) -$3.99
The Twenty-One Balloons (DuBois) -$5.99
The Incredible Journey
The Prince and the Pauper
(Twain) -$4.99
The Adventures of Pinocchio
(Collodi) -$4.99
The Whipping Boy

Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of Nimh- $5.50

Check out our C-Y-O-C Literature page too!




      Charlotte Mason stressed the importance of spending many hours out-of-doors playing and studying nature.  We emphasize the outdoors and an interactive approach to science during these early years and offer several nature kits based on Anna Botsford Comstock's Handbook of Nature Study. (See our CYOC science page)  Below you will find supplemental books covering concepts children should learn in the third grade.   

Books for 3rd grade science:
Science Smart-$19.95
Rocks and Minerals
How to Dig a Hole to the Other Side of the World

Natural Disasters -$9.95
Nature Notebook

Check out our C-Y-O-C Science page with other kits!



Spectrum Speller3
Spelling Power $49.99

Merrill/Spectrum Phonics Skilltext D -$8.95

Rod & Staff: Preparing to Build
Primary Language Lessons

Language Practice 3



   Building a thorough understanding of the mathematical concepts of numbers, counting, and addition is vitally important before moving on to other concepts. I like MCP's approach- thorough, but slow.  *We don't carry the MCP math products yet, but click below for info on how to purchase them.

MCP Mathematics D



    We have selected fine art and music materials which can be easily incorporated into your classical/Charlotte Mason homeschool.  We suggest that you pick one Art topic and one Music topic to start off with.  Then, come back for others when the need arises!

For topics, please go to:
C-Y-O-C Art & Music page


 Latin's Not So Tough!  -$24.45



*The products in the supplement kit are used in each grade of The Tanglewood Curriculum.
Handbook of Nature Study
 -$24.95    *by Anna Botsford Comstock
All the Birds of North America
-$19.95 *the easiest and most comprehensive guide we've found!
The Burgess Bird Book for Children -$7.95 *one of my absolute favorites
Favorite Poems Old and New 
-$24.95 *fabulous poetry book you may remember from your childhood, used in literature programs for grades 1-4
The Star Spangled Banner (pictureback) $3.25 *cute, contains entire song along with short illustrated notes about famous pieces of Americana
The Star-Spangled Banner  -$14.95 *D'Aulaire's sumptuously illustrated book -we use it every morning
Children's Illustrated Dictionary -$19.99 *Best we've found for grades 1-3. (not included in 4th)


      Don't forget the most important subject your homeschooled children will study.  Knowledge without wisdom is worth little.  Visit our "Where's the Queen?" page for ideas and resources that can be included in your studies.

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