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The following are our 'picks' for fourth grade
You can follow our plan
or modify it for your own child's needs!

    Free online reading schedules are available
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     Don't forget the corebook!  
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   Following the timeline for a classical education, our fourth graders study modern history starting in the 1800s to 1970s.  Our fourth graders will gain a sense of time as they fill in and personalize the Book of the Centuries (a Charlotte Mason concept.) Our teacher's plan book, or Corebook, gives guidelines for scheduling.  Geography lessons and memory lists for the time period are also contained in the Corebook.

Books for 4th grade history:
Book of the Centuries: Modern -$6.99
Meet Thomas Jefferson -$3.99
Seaman: The Dog Who Explored the West with Lewis and Clark -$8.95
Boy in the Alamo -$8.95
Trail of Tears -$3.99
By the Great Hornspoon -$5.95
Freedom Train -$4.50
Meet Abraham Lincoln -$3.99

Just a Few Words, Mr. Lincoln -$3.99
Shades of Gray -$4.99
The Amazing Impossible Erie Canal -$6.99
The Story of George Washington Carver -$4.50
The Story of Thomas Alva Edison, Inventor  -$4.50
We'll Race You Henry Ford -$5.95
The Wright Brothers -$5.99

El Guero: A True Adventure -$4.95
Helen Keller -$4.50
Bully for you, Teddy Roosevelt
Plain Girl
Twenty and Ten -$4.99
Escape From Warsaw -$4.99
Young  Fu of the Upper Yangtze
The Day MLK was Shot
Mustang: Wild Spirit of the West

The Children's Atlas of the World -$24.99

*The books above are listed in the order
we use them on the reading schedule.


Check out our C-Y-O-C Modern page for other
modern history resources!!



     Nothing inspires a child or gives fodder for his imagination like good literature. We have compiled a list of several classic read-aloud books appropriate for fourth graders.  However, you may prefer to choose literature more to your child's taste on the CYOC page!
(This list is shorter than usual, due to the large reading list for history.)

Books for 4th grade literature:
Robert Frost -$13.46
Robert Browning -$13.46
Rascal -$5.99
Swallows & Amazons-$14.95
Five Little Peppers and How They Grew
Captains Courageous
( Rudyard Kipling) -$3.95
From the Mixed-Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler


A Wrinkle in Time -$6.50
The Swiss Family Robinson
The Best Christmas Pageant Ever
Encyclopedia Brown: Boy Detective

The Wonderul Flight to Mushroom Planet -$7.99
American Tall Tales
Favorite Poem's Old and New *also in supplement kit ($24.95)

Check out our C-Y-O-C Literature page too!




      Charlotte Mason stressed the importance of spending many hours out-of-doors playing and studying nature.  We emphasize the outdoors and an interactive approach to science during these early years and offer several nature kits based on Anna Botsford Comstock's Handbook of Nature Study. (See our CYOC science page)  Below you will find supplemental books covering concepts children should learn in the fourth grade.   

Books for 4th grade science:
The History of Medicine -$13.99
The Human Body
Nature Notebook


Check out our C-Y-O-C Science page with other kits!



Spelling Power $49.99

Merrill/Spectrum Phonics Skilltext E -$8.95

Rod & Staff: grade 4
Primary Language Lessons

Language Practice 4




Saxon 5/4 suggested for 4th grade
I love Saxon materials. 
(The reason I didn't use Saxon for grades 1-3 is that I think that my girls would find the amount of time spent with manipulatives frustrating.  A little is good, a lot is overkill.  The price is also somewhat prohibitive.)  Math is covered in an orderly and logical fashion, easy to understand with plenty of review.  (Remember, though, Saxon usually goes overboard with review problems.  Cross out a few for each lesson!)

Saxon 5/4 homeschool set:  $55.75
                    includes textbook, tests, and answer keys

Right now we do not carry Saxon products.  You may order from Saxon at (800) 416-8171
or click on the apple below to go to their website:



    We have selected fine art and music materials which can be easily incorporated into your classical/Charlotte Mason homeschool.  We suggest that you pick one Art topic and one Music topic to start off with.  Then, come back for others when the need arises!

For topics, please go to:
C-Y-O-C Art & Music page


 Latin's Not So Tough!  -follow link for more info



*The products in the supplement kit are used in each grade of The Tanglewood Curriculum.
Handbook of Nature Study
 -$24.95    *by Anna Botsford Comstock
All the Birds of North America
-$19.95 *the easiest and most comprehensive guide we've found!
The Burgess Bird Book for Children -$7.95 *one of my absolute favorites
Favorite Poems Old and New 
-$24.95 *fabulous poetry book you may remember from your childhood, used in literature programs for grades 1-4
The Star Spangled Banner (pictureback) $3.25 *cute, contains entire song along with short illustrated notes about famous pieces of Americana
The Star-Spangled Banner  -$14.95 *D'Aulaire's sumptuously illustrated book -we use it every morning
Children's Illustrated Dictionary -$19.99 *Best we've found for grades 1-3. (not included in 4th)


      Don't forget the most important subject your homeschooled children will study.  Knowledge without wisdom is worth little.  Visit our "Where's the Queen?" page for ideas and resources that can be included in your studies.

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