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The following are our 'picks' for fifth grade
You can follow our plan
or modify it for your own child's needs!

    Some starter-lesson plans are available for 5th grade
These plans will get you started.  After using them, you
should be able to produce your own, tailored to your child's needs.

 Available plans in pdf:  Egypt, Greece, Lit 1, Lit 2, Lit book outline,
Lit poetry outline, Science 1

     Or... plan your own year with the corebook!  
Organize your classical, Charlotte Mason, or living
 books homeschool with the use of the Tanglewood corebook.

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   Our fifth graders begin an in-depth study of three major ancient civilizations.  The 5th grade history lesson plans provide daily reading schedules for the required books, map studies and guided writing projects using research and drafting techniques.  Check out our list of supplemental books for ancient studies, too! 

Required books for 5th grade history:
*Click on book for more info

The Pharaohs of Ancient Egypt
by Elizabeth Payne
The Story of the Greeks
by H A Guerber
The Story of the Romans by H A Guerber
The Children's Homer by Padraic Colum
Plutarch's Lives-or-Aristotle
Archimedes and the Door of Science

Supplemental book suggestions for middle school ancient studies (We don't carry these yet- check your library.)
Ancient Egypt
by Nicholson
Augustine Comes to Kent by Willard
Between the Forest and the Hills by Lawrence (ancient Briton)
Black Ships Before Troy: The Story of the Iliad by Sutcliff
Brendan the Navigator by Fritz (before vikings)
Caesar’s Gallic Wars by Coolidge
Cleopatra by Stanley
Detectives in Togas by Winterfield (Rome)
For the Temple by Henty (Palestine v. Rome)
Herod the Great by Green
Keeping Faith in the Dust by Maltz (Masada 132 ad)
Lantern Bearers by Sutcliff (450 AD Romans leaving Britain)
Of Nightingales that Weep by Paterson (feudal Japan)
Outcast by Sutcliff (Roman conquest of Celtic Britain)
Oxford First Ancient History
Tales of Ancient Egypt by Green
The Bronze Bow by Speare (Galilee, during time of Jesus)
The Cat of Bubastes by Henty (ancient Egypt)
The Great Wall of China by Fisher
The Revenge of the Forty-Seven Samurai by Haugaard (true story set in feudal Japan)
The Riddle of the Rosetta Stone by Giblin
The Secret of the Andes by Clark (Incas)
The Seven Wonders of the Ancient World by Quadrillion
The Story of Rolf and the Viking Bow by French
The Wanderings of Odysseus by Sutcliff
The Young Carthaginian: a story of the times of Hannibal by Henty
Warrior Scarlet by Sutcliff (ancient Celts)
Where Am I? The Story of Maps and Navigation by Smith
Whatever Happened to Penny Candy by Maybury



Check out our C-Y-O-C Ancient page for other
ancient history resources!



     We suggest that middle-schoolers read a minimum of six pieces of classic literature a year (with a minimum of four different genres) and have compiled lists of books to choose from.   Take note of the suggested reading level and the genre, read the description, and have fun tailor-making your child's literature program- or let him have fun making it!
     *The Tanglewood 5th grade daily plans outline projects and studies that can be used with any classic literature. 


Choose your books from our C-Y-O-C Literature page.




      While nature study is still a big part of the middle-schooler's education, the "hard sciences" and the scientific method now move to the forefront.  *The Tanglewood 5th grade daily plans will also provide guidelines for doing research and presentations about six important ancient Greek scientists.

Books for 5th grade science:
*Click on titles for more info
Exploring Planet Earth-Tiner -$13.99
The World of Chemistry- Tiner -$13.99
Science in Ancient Rome

Check out our C-Y-O-C Science page with other kits!



Spelling: (used in grades 3-12)
Spelling Power $49.99

Merrill/Spectrum Phonics Skilltext E -$8.95

Rod & Staff: grade 5




Saxon 5/4 or 6/5 depending on your child's level.  (If your child does not like math, we suggest that you get the easier level.)

Right now we do not carry Saxon products.  You may order from Saxon at (800) 416-8171
or click on the apple below to go to their website:



    We have selected fine art and music materials which can be easily incorporated into your classical/Charlotte Mason homeschool.  We suggest that you pick one Art topic and one Music topic to start off with.  Then, come back for others when the need arises!

For topics, please go to:
C-Y-O-C Art & Music page


 Latin's Not So Tough!  -follow link for more info



      Don't forget the most important subject your homeschooled children will study.  Knowledge without wisdom is worth little.  Visit our "Where's the Queen?" page for ideas and resources that can be included in your studies.

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